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Javagenda v5.5

Release: Javagenda v5.5

Javagenda v5.5

The goal of this software is to remind the user of events that
he (or she) has previously entered. It is a kind of electronic
"post-it" or reminder, is easy to use and is customizable
(associate an image of your choice to an event, change font
The software comprises 2 parts : (1) A part where the user can
create, update and delete the events. This part of the software
is called upon the user's request. (2) A part which is
automatically activated when the computer starts, or the user
logs in, which displays the current events and allows the user
to delete them, to postpone them to the next cycle, or to
acknowledge them at a later time (the event will be proposed
again at the next start).
Events can be single, one-time events or cyclical events. For
Cyclical events, Javagenda will calculate the next date of
occurence and the event will be automatically displayed. You can
choose to be reminded several days in advance and even when the
date is over (until you choose to delete the event).


Für diese Downloadart benötigst du die Software eMule oder einen vergleichbaren P2P-Client.


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